• Opening hours : Classes period: Monday to Friday, from 09h:30’ to 17h:30’.
• School holidays : Non-classes period: Monday to Friday from 9h:30’ to 12h:30’ ; 13h:30’ to 17h:30'

Assistance counter
Loans/ renewals, as well as other services as: research computers, self-service photocopying, scanning facilities; are closed 30 minutes before closing time. All users must leave the Library 10 minutes before closing time.

Membership/ Access
To take advantage of the services available, all readers should obligatorily fill in a form and a color photograph. See forms.

Before accessing computer terminals and reading room please, should leave their belongings at the Service Desk.

It is strictly forbidden in the library:
• to damage any book or other library material (ex. must not mark, deface, bend);
• to move or damage any library equipment or furnishings;
° the use of mobile phone, speaking loudly, eating or drinking.
• practical/ group works, or any kind of group meeting (there is the ATELIER 24HORAS, for these purposes).

SANCTIONS - home loan:
All delays in returning involve the suspension of the right to requisition by the number of days past due as well as the application of an additional fee of 1 € (one euro )for each working day, and each work late.
Failure to submit the documentation within the stipulated period, determines that the user is included in a list of debtors.

Failure to remedy that situation prevents the student to apply the academic Bureau, certificates of completion, enrollment in other levels of education, or by posting reviews of examinations.

All users should leave the library 10 minutes before closing time.

For detailed information, please check the regulation available at library’s web page.